Our Business Offers Include

You can leverage on our quality and popular contents to reach your target market by buying advert spots, scroll message spots, squeeze back spots and logo flash spots.

This includes monetary sponsorship of programs. Offer includes advert spots, scroll messages, squeeze back, logo flash and brand mention, product endorsement.

We offer product integration for brands to be displayed and used on production set, as well brand mention/endorsement, where the actors talk about the brand/product on production set as well. We believe this would increase the chances of product/brand visibility across our wide range of viewers.

Under this offer, we seek to barter advert spots, in exchange for the value of items/products needed for production.

As part of our media services, we cover events for brands, corporate organizations, as well as individuals or social group. The coverage of the event is usually edited, packaged and sent to the clients, which is also aired as infomercial on our TV programs and contents on our social media platforms.

⦁ We broadcast on major TV stations worldwide

⦁ We have a wide coverage that spreads across a heterogeneous audience all over the nation.

⦁ We leverage on quality and popular contents to entertain, inform and educate viewers across the nation and beyond.

⦁ We offer professional and strategic advert placement on our programs

⦁ We offer media planning services on our programs to clients

⦁ We offer added values for bulk spot bookings on our programs.