Genre: Comedy

Duration: 30 mins

Face to Face as its name suggests is a drama that highlights the happenings in the “face me I face you” housing system that is common among the low class people of Nigeria. It is a grass root comedy about the low class, however, it appeals to everyone, regardless of the stratum in the society because of the highly hilarious manner in which serious issues are treated. The major objective of this comedy drama is to entertain viewers, as well as educate and enlighten them about issues in the society.

Face2face has amusing and funny characters that cut across the Nigerian heterogeneous ethnic groups, whereby they learn to live together and relate well, in order to promote unity in the society. This comedy drama features notable actors such as Mr Marcaroni, Broda Shaggi, Funky Mallam, Sunday Omobolanle (Pappyluwe), Lola Kazeem, and a host of others.


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